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Our TDJ-ing Dream Team:

Aaron Benchimol - In Buenos Aires, Aaron is Tango Dj in traditionals milongas like Cachirulo, Salon Canning, El Beso, Champagne Tango and other milongas around the world with predilection for golden age, promising to take us on a hallucinatory journey full of emotions.

Cristi Crang - Cristi is an appreciated and loved T'Dj in the tango community, being invited to many national and international events.

If we are talking about Cristi, we must mention that in addition to T'Dj-ing, he is also a experienced dancer, great teacher and a very good organizer.

Cristi has been dancing tango since 2010, and since 2013 he is the founder of the Atelierul de Tango Iasi school, where he and Iulia have contributed to the development of the tango community in Romania. They also organize Festivalito Verano in Iasi since 2014, a festival with friends, for friends.

Since his beginnings as a dancer, Cristi has been interested in tango music and as a T'Dj he energizes the milonga with rhythmic tandas. He prefers the four pillars of tango (D'Arienzo, Troilo, Di Sarli, Pugliese) and more precisely their music from the golden age, but he is not a declared conservative, at well-chosen moments he sprinkles the music of contemporary orchestras.

Dan Bujdei - Dan started tango DJ-ing when feeling he could contribute to the way the local community enjoyed the milongas.

Artistic inclination, cheerful spirit, musicality and a boundless love for tango merged, creating his personal tango DJ style.

As a tanguero himself, he chooses the tandas based on how pleasant the songs are for dancing and how happy the mood of the music is, also balancing the rhythm of the entire night by alternating tandas with different tempos.

Florin Fiscu - the man that keeps you dancing on the ronda all day long, great dancer, great tdj and a awesome friend

Horia Uifaleanu - Horia is one of the first argentine tango dancers in Cluj and is a constant TDJ to the local milongas also being invited as TDJ at other tango international events .

A few words from Horia :

“… It’s still hard to separate the two. In time, about everything related to the Argentine tango (music, dance, history, etc.) became a hobby in itself, and the 2010-2011 when Argentine tango began to grow in Romania, I was caught with a baggage of enthusiasm and knowledge suitable for the role of TDJ.”

Irina Fiscu - sensitivity and power combine. The perfect ingredients to seduce us all. 

Her milonga is not to miss ( as master Yoda would say )

A few words from Irina :

I'm Tdj-ing since 12 years ago and had the pleasure to play tandas for many milongas, festivals and marathons. My sets are mainly from Golden Age with just a zip of earlier or later tandas, instrumental as well as vocal, rhythmical and slow, energetic and sentimental, simple and profound because I believe a milonga needs a bit of everything. Dancers are an inspiration and joy for me and I try to create and maintain their energy and happy mood throughout the milonga.

Tatiana Gordinscaia - Tatiana started to dance argentine tango 14 years ago and at that moment she felt that tango is the dance of her soul. She founded the first argentinian tango school in Moldova. After she visited Buenos Aires, she decided to become a tdj, because putting music in milongas is an art, and one part of this art is to create the atmosphere of Buenos Aires. She is tdj-ing weekly in milongas in Chisinau and got invited as a tdj at festivals and marathons in Odessa ( Ukraine), Greece, Romania ( Iasi,  Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu ). She is also organizer of Madtango marathon and Rockit!tango weekend in Chisinau.